about dementia carers australia

Caring for someone with dementia can be hard - no one prepares us or trains us for what is involved. We want to change that.

Most people with a dementia diagnosis live in their own homes, and want to. The quality of life of a person with dementia, especially as the dementia progresses, is entirely dependent on good care. Family carers need support, ideas and information. The website focusses on family and friends: we look for ideas and resources that may assist. This site may also be helpful for professional home carers as well.

The best part of the Dementia Carers Australia website is the stories from people who are or have been carers - we can learn so much from others who have walked similar paths, even though there are differences. These stories are full of pain, joy and laughter - lots of ups and downs - but they contain special insights that give us ideas for our own situation, and help us see that we are not alone.