being and remaining in connection

with family friends and community


The stories below may help to assure you that 'lying' one who you are caring for or interacting with is not a 'bad' thing. Often those with dementia can get stressed and caught up on a particlaur topic and to calm and reassure them might me telling them an untruth that has no eternal conequence. Enjoy the stories below which provide a little humour and great insight.

Lies in dementia land

' . . .sometimes you find yourself lying to the same person who taught you to tell the truth. Because you love them.

Because you don’t want them to stress . . . Because you don’t want them to worry about why their husband is late. Because sometimes dementia changes the rules of relationships. And we adjust....'

An at home supermarket

This video is more pretending or playing rather than 'lying'. However it reveals a creativity in helping a loved one to experience something normality, connecting with the world and people around her.


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