Books for adults

There are hundreds (probably thousands!) of books on dementia and dementia care. Those below are ones that carers have recommended because they were helped by them – it is not meant to be a comprehensive list. But please let us know if you would like to add books to this list. 

We have focused on books by people with dementia, by carers, or good reads – ones that provide insights. We haven’t included the ‘advice’ books – there are lots of those, but they don’t help necessarily as much as the stories. 


A beautiful and enlightening reflection on care, marriage and dementia

 A compelling debut novel about a 50-year-old woman's sudden descent into early onset Alzheimer's disease

 Offers an accessible and sympathetic introduction for relatives, carers and professionals looking after or training to work with people with dementia.

As Mitchell learned to embrace her new life, she began to see her condition as a gift, a chance to experience the world with fresh eyes

'I couldn’t have anticipated the extent to which my patience, stamina and mental strength would all be tested. Hopefully, you too may share in some of my tears and laughter along the way.'

 Though this is about motherhood and finding the essence of one' self whilst in the midst of caring - this can be food for thought for carers in general as well.

Based on the "field notes" she keeps in her journal, Memory's Last Breath is Saunders' astonishing window into a life distorted by dementia.

Stories from carers about caregiving

'This collection of stories is a labor of love. The stories are personal and enlightening, poignant and hopeful. They were assembled with great care and love and released into the world in a convenient book form to provide a soft-landing spot for those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia and those who care for them.'

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'... a story about a young family's sudden shift from a comfortable, middle-class American life into an alien world shaped and defined by Alzheimer's disease.'

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Informational and non-Fiction


Understanding dementia

Thinking ahead

Finding help

The later stages of dementia

Making financial and legal decisions

How caring affects you

Has had mixed reviews, but we like it for it's reframing of communication and thoughts on how to manage vulnerablitiy and emotion of a person with dementia

Books for children

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By Ross Watkins and Illustrated by Liz Anelli

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True story of the lifelong romance between novelist Iris Murdoch and her husband John Bayley, from their student days through her battle with Alzheimer's disease.


A song for Martin

2001, Sweden

This film follows the effects of caring on Barbara, the wife of Martin, who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s not long after the couple marry.



2017, Australia

A series of short films that offer portraits about Gerda and the family and friends that surround her.


Moving Pictures: Dementia Awareness for CALD communities

Short films in different languages covering Detection and Diagnosis, Navigating Care, and the Carer Journey.

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Awake but Always dreaming

Hannah Peel

Hannah wrote this in response to her grandmother's dementia.


From Spotify: 'The northern Irish artist, producer and award winning composer Hannah Peel, is a restless and forward-thinking artist, joining dots between science, nature and the creative arts, through her explorative approach to electronic, classical and traditional music.'

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Cathy Greenblat

Take a look at this beautiful website – Cathy Greenblat specialises in dementia photography.

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TEDx Talk: Tony Luciano

From TEDx Talks, YouTube:

'A three-year visual diary documenting a mother with dementia and her life forgotten, poignantly rediscovered through her son's touchingly created photographs. Artist Tony Luciani shows through a participatory caregiving process that we can all learn to be more willing to help others in times of need and discover profoundly fulfilling joy while doing it.'

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Carer stories on the web

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