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A range of stories articulating a range of experiences as carers. Some will resonate with you, others won't. As you read them, we encourage you to honour these carer experiences, to hold them lightly, they reveal many sides of caring and we love that people present all of these. We want too want to show that dementia enables profound and deep experiences of life. We hope they are insightful and maybe helpful.

Individual Stories


The deviousness of dementia

Dasha Kiper

'When memory disappears, something more than memory gets lost. This is how a world begins to unravel – and how caregivers unwittingly become part of the chaos. In November 2010, when I was 25 years old, I moved in with a man who was 98.'



Dementia Carers – Susan’s Story

Susan’s story was highlighted for the UK’s 2015 National Carer’s Day. It provides good insights into how she managed her day looking after her mother.  


The Terrorist Inside my husbands brain

By Susan Schneider Williams, Robin Williams’ wife




Mum’s dementia gave me a gift I never expected


A daughter reflecting on her mothers experience of dementia and passing away


I am in Dementia Prison with my Mom

‘I started this at about 2:30 a.m. and it is now past 4 a.m. but it has been helpful for me to write my story’.


Thelma’s story

Examples of Montessori activities Thelma's mum does with her


‘Eventually I knew she was no longer safe alone’

She grips my hand and tows me behind her around the small courtyard garden, past the pretend bus stop and the red phone box with no dialling tone, down an alleyway of gravel that leads to a wooden gate. “Here,” she says. “It may be locked.”

Guardian Journalist, Sarah Boseley, tells stories of her experiences with her mum and then moves onto discuss many aspects of dementia care.

Compilations of Stories


Together in Dementia Everyday (tide)

Based in Glasgow, Scotland. This page compiles stories from carers.



Moving Pictures - Dementia Awareness for CALD communities (AUS

Films in Arabic, Cantonese, Hindi, Mandarin and Tamil. English speakers can also understand the films as the carers eiether speak in English or there are subtitles.

Dementia Daily

Real stories about people with dementia and their carers and links to dementia blogs and forums from around the world.


The Caregivers Club

This is a Canadian filmed released in late 2018. It follows 7 family carers of persons diagnosed with dementia. It is not in the public sphere at this time, however hosting of screenings can be booked.




Dementia Call to Action (DAA

Stories from carers:
Not formatted well yet, but there are small quotes from carers.


National Federation of Women's Institutes (UK

A report compiled by the NFWI calling upon government and the NHS
to improve dementia care in hospitals and allow families greater access to wards. 221 carers were interviewed.

Stories from carers:
Some quotes and stories are included. Stories/quotes located on pages; 11-14, 16-19, 21-25, 28-29

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