the young at heart program

The Young at Heart program is an initiative in its trial stages. The creators would love for you and the person you care for to become involved. It is all about helping people with more advanced dementia to connect with their past through wonderfully enjoyable videos, music and audio.


The program appreciates that each person with dementia is different. The creators  want to ensure that it is not a ‘one size fits all’ project but instead they are committed to honouring the wonderful and differing preferences, likes and dislikes of those with dementia.

It applies diversion therapy using an audio-visual archive of  thousands of short clips covering a wide variety of world interests. The clips have been organised into specifically created sequences for easy playing at home or to an audience within a care facility.

Its creators provide the opportunity for carers to observe, explore and note what was liked and disliked.  The carer then supplies this ‘liked’ information to the creators via an easy to fill out form.  Customised sequences of clips are then prepared and sent back to the carer.


At this point in time the program is running as a trial and therefore it is free to those carers and/or facilities able to commit to working with the creators conducting professional testing, to participate! Please be encouraged to contact the creator Neil to take advantage of this program made especially for those with dementia.

contact the creator on (02) 9488 5224 or at